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MIS Founder & Executive Director’s 2014 Graduation Message

Founder, Executive Director &
Chief Internal Auditor

My warm and sincere congratulations to all of you!

Graduation is a joyous occasion for all of you- our dear young graduates and your family. It is a celebration of your achievements and marks the beginning of your amazing journey. Indeed, it is worth celebrating and thanksgiving as your journey has just begun.

Your teachers have undoubtedly equipped and armed you with the basic knowledge, skills, values and attitudes necessary that your respective nation’s development efforts require. Use these to your advantage as you go along and face the challenges of life ahead and fulfill your role as the key to your nation’s bright future.

I pray that the Almighty God will continue to enrich you with His grace and empower you, that He will guide you in every step of the way for your dreams to come true.

But never forget that behind all the things that come your way, all those who touched your life, all your blessings and all those that are yet to come, are from our Lord above.

May your endeavors be crowned with success!

Good luck and God bless you.

Minister of Education in Timor-Leste applauds Maharlikan graduates' creativity and persistence

The Minister of Education, Bendito dos Santos Freitas, on March 29, 2014 urged the graduating class of MIS to help solve the society's problems with the same creativity and persistence they showed in wooing him to be their commencement speaker.

In his speech, he challenged the graduates as Zeclinton Cepeda, the class Salutatorian, coaxed him in his welcome remarks to be  future leaders of their own through innovative education.

MIS's 6th Commencement and Recognition Program with the theme: “Educating the Youth: A key to Our Nation’s Bright Future” proudly honored the graduates of Kinder 2 (19) and Grade 6 (16) as they sprightly marched the aisle with their parents.

Fattiyah Az-Zarah Auliansyah, the class Validictorian, elucidated the theme in her speech as she encouraged everyone to continue their schooling as a milestone in devising a systematic leadership to end the country’s quelling misery. This was supported when Mr. Auliansyah, a representative speaker from the parents, emphasized that education is indeed the instrument towards a brighter future. He urged the graduates to be extra-aware as they begin their next journey.

Medals and Certificates were given to the graduates and undergraduates .

Zeclinton Cepeda, Class Salutatorian

Message from Graduates' Parent

By: Mr. Auliansyah

It’s really a great opportunity to be one among the proud parents today. Without much ado, I would like to extend my sincerest gratitude to the school administrators and teachers for giving our children a quality education.

This has been the second time that I stand in front in behalf of the parents. I’m truly proud that my son, Alfadjiri Syah Aulia, a first year student, my daughters Fathiyyah Az-zarah and Azizah Az-zarah, had been into their summit of achievement from kindergarten and elementary level. I could say that I did not regret enrolling my kids in this school since I have seen how far they have gone through.. I’m really proud of my children for being the reason why we work hard to give them a quality education. The parents who are here today, I do believe that you do feel the same, seeing your children in their graduation gown donned with white and blue caps, those who receive awards. It’s really a joy in our hearts to see them march with glee as they are about to continue venturing in the next level of their schooling.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks to the M.I.S. family. To my children and to those who are here today, I, your parents are so proud of you.  Keep living with courage and with all what you can do, don’t give up and keep trying to be scrolled to education anytime, whenever you are with any condition that occurs in your life.

Value education because there are children who can’t afford to go to school considering their limitations, which may despair at the situation because of economic, social, cultural ideologies which threaten them from non-compliance of education.

Learning does not embarrass us, but that embarrass us in ignorance. But one thing I’d like to stress, when you have education, it does not mean that you always aim being the number in class or ion your batch. Learning on the other hand is to understand, to enjoy, and knowing how to live simply and creatively despite the skepticism of life.

Once again, my utmost appreciation tops the teachers who molded and transformed these learners to be the future of their own fatherland. To the whole M.I.S. family, I congratulate you for being strong in your chosen vocation, for continue practicing your mission and vision as an institution. Thank you for inculcating virtues and values in the lives of our children.

To the parents, this is just one of the fruits of our sacrifices to nourish the lives of our children.

To the graduates, congratulations and good luck in your next journey.

2014 Validictory Address

By: Fattiyah Az-Zarah Auliansyah

To our honorable guest of honor and speaker, Bendito dos Santos Freitas, from the Ministry of Education, to our Founder and Executive Director, Martin B. Papay Jr., to our Director for Academic Programs, Charles Michael B. Papay, school administrators and faculty, parents, fellow graduates, and to all who are present today, GOOD MORNING!

It seemed only yesterday when we first set foot on M.I.S. ground. We were then curious, tense and bewildered children. But because of the unsuitable intention, not only ours, but also of our parents, to study, to acquire more knowledge we were left with no choice. And, look! Here we are now, in neatly arranged rows, donning the white caps, ready to face greater magnitude of challenges, and about to enter a new horizon of life.

In this tender age of ours, we already knew that life is not the fabled bed of roses, it is difficult and it is a series of problems. And yet, certainly, it is one of the greatest truths. But for always, we should be reminded of a passage that, “GRADUATION IS NOT THE END.IT IS JUST THE BEGINNING OF NEW ENDEAVORS IN LIFE.” We don't stop going to school when we graduate.  However, even how hard it may be, we cannot do otherwise, but accept it, more so, understand it, by doing so, we can then transcend to reality and nurture it in much clearer and better perspective, then life, GOD’S GREATEST GIFT OF LOVE, COULD BE BEAUTIFUL.

Indeed, there will be moments of trial and difficult, and the road further will be rough and bumpy, but we should believe that sheer determination, the skill, the knowledge and the know-how that we’ve learned in the hallowed classroom of Grade 6- Courage will provide us with the appropriate tolls to overcome all of these travails, and ultimately make us strong, brave and courageous as we enter into the real world and all its challenges lying ahead.

As we look back and reflect on the pieces of our pasts, we can recall the countless times when we were challenged and threatened, when we had stumbled and failed. There will always be flashbacks of instances when we were neglected, frowned, laughed-at and belittled. There were times when we were prevailed by weakness, instead of mustering the needed courage, times that we were subdued by frustration and anxiety rather than acquiring strength. AHH... This could be a dark side of life, yet it still life.

Let me go back and reminisce about the last three years I have stayed in this school. I can still vividly remember the first time I set my foot into this ground as a grade 3 pupil . That was after flag ceremony when I was asked by my adviser to go in front to be welcomed and recognized. At the age of 10, a young girl couldn't help but to cry because of being alienated. Nonetheless, as the minute ticked by, I slowly tamed myself to be candid member of the Maharlikan family. I was so fortunate that I have crossed this far because I have discovered the pillars of my being through the wisdom I have learned here in my dear Alma mater.

To you dear Alma Mater, Maharlika International school, school administration, members of the faculty and all the rest of the staff, we’d like to extend our sincerest appreciation for having molded us into knowledgeable, disciplined, compassionate and responsible youth, and gradually imbued us the proper values needed as we are about to join the mainstream of the society and unto the next millennium. Thanks to our teachers  who transformed us and be what we are today. They are indeed the agents of transformation, the epitome of knowledge who willingly gave their utmost service to open our world of wisdom.
To our dear parents, we will offer our heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your undoubted sacrifices and unwavering patience, for inculcating in us our ambitious spirits. Let it be that our dreams are your dreams and your dreams are our dreams. And together we hope that someday, these dreams will cease to be dreams and become reality.
We treasure your unconditional love and support.

To my fellow graduates, some of us are fortunate and privileged enough to go straight to high school  in the big metropolis and choose the best school.    So, let our goal be stated here and now, that we must not just stop by merely studying in high school. Let us endure the tr
ue essence of education for it will always be the guiding light of our lives. Let not our success and accomplishment be measured only by having luxurious things from our parents. But I urge everyone to look around and be extra-aware.

Let the knowledge, talents and capabilities that we acquired and those to be acquired become the instrument that we could utilize, and that someday the Maharlikan family would be able to say, and can afford to announce proudly to the world that one or two of its graduates formulated and provided the resulution to end this country’s quelling misery.

To this, we seek the guidance of the Divine Providence, request the prayers of the brothers and sisters of Maharlika International School and all of us present here today. This way, we could be one with the Holy Spirit, one in our Maharlikan mission to this, I say and pray, good luck and God bless.

Thank you once again, Bondia; and to you my fellow graduates, Congratulations!